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Small Things for Joe

Greg Crumpton Small Things for Joe

Many of you have lost close friends, family and loved ones. Me too, but I think I just forgot how to lose someone I cared for and cared about. Last February, my buddy Joe was diagnosed with lung cancer. He hadn’t smoked in 50 years, but it didn’t matter. He was riddled with it. I […]

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The Resignation

You’re what? That’s right, eventually we all hear this. A person you have worked hard with, nurtured, tutored, coached, guided, etc. has decided to leave you. Sometimes it’s hard to hear. Actually, most of the time it’s hard to hear. If the person wasn’t performing well or needed help, then you either helped them or […]

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We Are Safe, and Yes, Secure

It’s early, the joy of getting some years behind us is that we sleep really late into the morning …. Not! But, early it was and I had just spent a great night at a dear friend’s house up in a very beautiful part of Virginia with he and his family. Having a few quiet […]

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The Humble Guide

I was just standing there waiting for my take out order, when my week was made so whole and so complete that I couldn’t quit smiling.    Smiling as in major goof-ball kind of smiling, all the way home.   It had been a great week of travel in California with my bride. We did […]

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Culture: You Can’t Fake It

by Greg Crumpton Some things you can fake. Friends, resumes, GPA’s while in school, et cetera. These things can be, but are often not, fact-checked. Culture is not an item that fits into this category. What is culture? It’s the feeling you get in your gut when you hear members of families, companies, clubs or […]

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It Isn’t About the Points

“May I have my water?” I asked politely as I finished checking in. “We don’t have any water,” the young man working the front counter responded. “It doesn’t have to be chilled, just a couple of bottles of room temp water is fine,” I said. “We don’t have ANY water,” he relays with a bit […]

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Your Word, Your Honor

Your word.  That is really all you have.  NDA, MNDA, CA and other acronyms try and define silence and guide you to be discreet, but really it’s just your word.  All you have is your spoken word, as in: I will not disclose this idea, concept, thought or effort to anyone, especially if it could be […]

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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a phrase that we are hearing more and more often. This is in it’s infancy, so be prepared to hear it many more times. Many have a general grasp of what it is, but why does it matter to you, a regular person living a “normal” life? It matters because […]

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Continue to Hire & Train or Retain with Continuous Training

This post has been nagging at me for a good while … nagging in a good way, as I knew I had to write about this topic or go mad(der). Yesterday did it though. I was reading an article on LinkedIn and it reported that an absurd percentage of people who change jobs, do so […]

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Hot Chips? No, Not Those Kind!

Connected devices, Internet of Things, The Nest, Smart Homes… You name the buzz word and we have all heard them. What does it truly mean for you, the normal, average, day to day consumer? It means a lot, a lot of data that is. Every one of the buzz words you have ever heard of […]

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