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Passion, Purpose, Survive & Thrive

When did things start? That is a question that I have pondered more than once over the last few years. What started when I was a little kid watching his father hone his craft has, over the last fifty-eight or so years, turned into a life-long passion.

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Work Culture and Damn, It’s Hard

What an interesting and thought provoking topic. Over the last month or so I have been really digging into, learning about and analyzing some of the cultures that I am, have been and want to continue to be a part of. Reading from Ben Horowitz’s latest book entitled, What You Do Is Who You Are […]

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A Tale of Two Five-Thirties

5:30 PM: It is crazy. Trying to “wrap-it-up” with two or three calls on the way home, small and large celebrations from the day and (re)connections finally made after a handful of texts and voicemails. What to do for dinner? What city are you in? Are the girls fed? What time will you be home? […]

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More or Less

Inbox me, ping me, message me, drop me a note, etc … Do you recall a time in your life that there were so many ways to contact someone? I doubt it. With the advent of, and now our total immersion in technology, think of all the ways, just within your phone, laptop, or device […]

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Staying in Your Lane… Or Not

Greg Crumpton Stay In Your Lane Business Success

Other than swimming, I never heard this term tossed around that much until recently. Today’s meaning, usually in corporate speak, is just mind your business and don’t get involved in things that are not “assigned to you”. This morning I was walking around Charlotte on the way to the office and it just kind of […]

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There is Always a Line… for Great Service

There is always a line. That is what I kept seeing and saying to myself every time I drove by the Park Road Shopping Center in Charlotte, NC. Turns out that Shake Shack has just opened a new store there and people are clamoring to get in. On most Saturdays, like many folks, I have […]

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Mission Still Being Accomplished

 “To convey to my customers a willing and conscientious effort to be a single-source representative with a desire to share my experience, knowledge and expertise in order to minimize or eliminate the mechanical problems that may be a burden to them.” John W. Crumpton Circa 1990   Those were the exact words I read from […]

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Unknowingly Thankful

Yes, that was what went through my mind as I sat on a bench at the foot of a ski slope on Thanksgiving morning watching the countless skiers and snowboarders having the first run of the season. I have never snow skied before, and most likely will never take it up, but it was fun […]

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Small Things for Joe

Greg Crumpton Small Things for Joe

Many of you have lost close friends, family and loved ones. Me too, but I think I just forgot how to lose someone I cared for and cared about. Last February, my buddy Joe was diagnosed with lung cancer. He hadn’t smoked in 50 years, but it didn’t matter. He was riddled with it. I […]

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The Resignation

You’re what? That’s right, eventually we all hear this. A person you have worked hard with, nurtured, tutored, coached, guided, etc. has decided to leave you. Sometimes it’s hard to hear. Actually, most of the time it’s hard to hear. If the person wasn’t performing well or needed help, then you either helped them or […]

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