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The Resignation

You’re what? That’s right, eventually we all hear this. A person you have worked hard with, nurtured, tutored, coached, guided, etc. has decided to leave you. Sometimes it’s hard to hear. Actually, most of the time it’s hard to hear. If the person wasn’t performing well or needed help, then you either helped them or […]

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Culture: You Can’t Fake It

by Greg Crumpton Some things you can fake. Friends, resumes, GPA’s while in school, et cetera. These things can be, but are often not, fact-checked. Culture is not an item that fits into this category. What is culture? It’s the feeling you get in your gut when you hear members of families, companies, clubs or […]

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Call of Duty

Have you ever had an obsession that made you absolutely nuts?  Nuts in that no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t quit thinking about that “thing” that was consuming you?   For me, this has happened a few times in life.   The first time I remember it happening was when I was […]

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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a phrase that we are hearing more and more often. This is in it’s infancy, so be prepared to hear it many more times. Many have a general grasp of what it is, but why does it matter to you, a regular person living a “normal” life? It matters because […]

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The Early Days: 1999

1999. Of all the things in my life that I have forgotten, both by design and by nature, one thing I remember doing a lot of in 1999 was driving. I mean, I remember driving A LOT. It seems like I wore out two trucks on NC 16, aka Providence Road. Why all the driving? […]

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Jill – Out of the Darkness

Nursing, by nature is a tough occupation. The road to becoming a nurse, as you will read, may sometimes be even tougher. In this story, one more in the Success Series, I have been fortunate enough know, become friends with, and love this hard-working, dedicated wife, mom, professional care-giver and just an awesome individual. As […]

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Where Are You the Most Productive?

By Greg Crumpton For many, if not most, of us, it’s in a comfortable space. Well-conditioned, well lit and a place you can relax and focus in. If you stop and think about it, what do you do when you want to read? What if you want to meditate, think, write, relax, etc…? You”ll usually […]

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