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The Resignation

You’re what? That’s right, eventually we all hear this. A person you have worked hard with, nurtured, tutored, coached, guided, etc. has decided to leave you. Sometimes it’s hard to hear. Actually, most of the time it’s hard to hear. If the person wasn’t performing well or needed help, then you either helped them or […]

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The Humble Guide

I was just standing there waiting for my take out order, when my week was made so whole and so complete that I couldn’t quit smiling.    Smiling as in major goof-ball kind of smiling, all the way home.   It had been a great week of travel in California with my bride. We did […]

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It Isn’t About the Points

“May I have my water?” I asked politely as I finished checking in. “We don’t have any water,” the young man working the front counter responded. “It doesn’t have to be chilled, just a couple of bottles of room temp water is fine,” I said. “We don’t have ANY water,” he relays with a bit […]

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Come Together

Why do we come together in a time of national, regional or local tragedy, but we can’t seem to do it daily? DATELINE: October 7, 2016, Carmel, CA enroute to Charlotte, NC I’m watching the news today, seeing the impacts of Hurricane Matthew, viewing video on several social media platforms, and wondering why it takes […]

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Continue to Hire & Train or Retain with Continuous Training

This post has been nagging at me for a good while … nagging in a good way, as I knew I had to write about this topic or go mad(der). Yesterday did it though. I was reading an article on LinkedIn and it reported that an absurd percentage of people who change jobs, do so […]

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Predicting the Future… Many are Trying

For the curious mind, for some it’s better defined as the Monkey Mind, the thirst for what is next is never far from your immediate thoughts. I just spent an excellent week surrounded by some of the brightest people in the Data Center and Mission Critical world, and heard many answers to, “What’s next?” The […]

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Old vs. New vs. How Good We Have It

I just returned from a trip to Guatemala, where I studied the Mayan Ruins pretty diligently and it really made me think about the engineering and construction feats accomplished during the building of these ancient cities. As I juxtaposed those thoughts of manual labor, working the limestone quarries, moving stones so large in size, so […]

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The Early Days: 1999

1999. Of all the things in my life that I have forgotten, both by design and by nature, one thing I remember doing a lot of in 1999 was driving. I mean, I remember driving A LOT. It seems like I wore out two trucks on NC 16, aka Providence Road. Why all the driving? […]

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Jill – Out of the Darkness

Nursing, by nature is a tough occupation. The road to becoming a nurse, as you will read, may sometimes be even tougher. In this story, one more in the Success Series, I have been fortunate enough know, become friends with, and love this hard-working, dedicated wife, mom, professional care-giver and just an awesome individual. As […]

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I Turned a Page Today

by Greg Crumpton Today was the first time in the last 16 years that on August 16th I did not own AirTight Mechanical, Inc. It was a unique feeling, to be sure. Months ago I had become accustomed to not being “The Owner”. Many people that sell their businesses seem to suffer mentally after doing […]

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