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Call of Duty

Have you ever had an obsession that made you absolutely nuts?  Nuts in that no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t quit thinking about that “thing” that was consuming you?   For me, this has happened a few times in life.   The first time I remember it happening was when I was […]

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Why Mentor?

December 1997 – my wife goes to a school in the small town south of Charlotte that we had just relocated to.  She meets with the principle and asks, “Is there a family in need that we can help this year?” Being new to the Charlotte community, we wanted to help locally and thought that […]

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Your Word, Your Honor

Your word.  That is really all you have.  NDA, MNDA, CA and other acronyms try and define silence and guide you to be discreet, but really it’s just your word.  All you have is your spoken word, as in: I will not disclose this idea, concept, thought or effort to anyone, especially if it could be […]

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Come Together

Why do we come together in a time of national, regional or local tragedy, but we can’t seem to do it daily? DATELINE: October 7, 2016, Carmel, CA enroute to Charlotte, NC I’m watching the news today, seeing the impacts of Hurricane Matthew, viewing video on several social media platforms, and wondering why it takes […]

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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a phrase that we are hearing more and more often. This is in it’s infancy, so be prepared to hear it many more times. Many have a general grasp of what it is, but why does it matter to you, a regular person living a “normal” life? It matters because […]

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Continue to Hire & Train or Retain with Continuous Training

This post has been nagging at me for a good while … nagging in a good way, as I knew I had to write about this topic or go mad(der). Yesterday did it though. I was reading an article on LinkedIn and it reported that an absurd percentage of people who change jobs, do so […]

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Hot Chips? No, Not Those Kind!

Connected devices, Internet of Things, The Nest, Smart Homes… You name the buzz word and we have all heard them. What does it truly mean for you, the normal, average, day to day consumer? It means a lot, a lot of data that is. Every one of the buzz words you have ever heard of […]

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Predicting the Future… Many are Trying

For the curious mind, for some it’s better defined as the Monkey Mind, the thirst for what is next is never far from your immediate thoughts. I just spent an excellent week surrounded by some of the brightest people in the Data Center and Mission Critical world, and heard many answers to, “What’s next?” The […]

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Old vs. New vs. How Good We Have It

I just returned from a trip to Guatemala, where I studied the Mayan Ruins pretty diligently and it really made me think about the engineering and construction feats accomplished during the building of these ancient cities. As I juxtaposed those thoughts of manual labor, working the limestone quarries, moving stones so large in size, so […]

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Creating the Future by Looking Back

This past week I was truly honored to be a 33+ year veteran of the HVAC – Mission Critical Environments industry. The National Consortium of Mission Critical Operators certification curriculum was being tweaked and enhanced with more questions and scenarios and I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate. There were a total of […]

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