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Starting From Scratch

This week I was fortunate enough to be part of a new business venture that launched. It was been many months in the making, there were many brain storming sessions with industry experts- PhDs, literally- conversations on the math and science part of the components we are making, and many hours of collaboration and coordination […]

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Repair Your Current System Or Replace It?

This is a question that many will face during this start-up season of the HVAC equipment that cools your homes, your office and perhaps even the data center that supports your mission.  HVAC equipment, on average is engineered, depending on the specific manufacturer and the system type, to run for 15 – 20 years.  Yes, […]

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Not Letting It Go Unsaid

Two days.  Two deaths.   That was the week of 4-6-15.On Monday, I lost my sweet 91-plus year old grandmother.  A great soul she was, always a lady.  Then Tuesday rolls around, and our perfect little 15-plus year old Schnauzer was laid to rest. God, we loved that little girl. If you have followed along […]

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Too Busy (We Are All Busy)

I’m busy, she’s busy, he’s busy, they’re busy. I can never get everything done, I’m just too busy… Sound familiar? Having thought about how we all spend our 24 hours and dicing it up, I came to some very real and stark reality-based facts. Some of the data came from a New York Times piece, […]

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What’s In A Name

Not many people who operate at a high level think the word “vendor” is very appealing. In fact many find it to be borderline offensive. What Is The Alternative? Partner, yes, but it too has become jaded. Resource, ally, co-customer, you name it, the moniker has been adopted by many sales folks who are trying […]

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Change: 2.0

The typical thought many people have when they hear the word change is, “Oh crap!” I say many people, not all people, because there is a spectrum of the population that does like change, merely for the sake of change. Change can come in the form of a merger or acquisition, death, marriage, or babies […]

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Life Long Learning

Intentionally giving and unintentionally receiving, these are the two biggest and most robust benefits I get out of continuing the learning process. Reading about things, people and places becomes more and more fascinating as I get older, however, what I am coming to realize more and more over time is how much I get to […]

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Deciding to be Different

It seems as though everyone says it. We are this and we are that… In reality, we don’t do anything, what you see “we” doing is a collection of individuals who have decided to act differently. I mean different than what has become “The Norm”. Let’s face it, “The Norm” isn’t really very good is […]

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Building On Bedrock

Wow! That was my first thought on Friday, December 10, 2014 as I was honored to take part in a private tour of the September 11 Museum at Ground Zero in New York. Being fortunate enough to work for a man that has an incredible desire to treat people well allowed me and several of […]

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Self Examination… No, Not That Kind

Yes, self exams are definitely healthy, whether it be physical or mental, both can be essential for good health and prosperity. Specifically, taking inventory of your situation … work, relationship with someone, self awareness or whatever is, could, should, perhaps are all part of personal growth. Equally as important, in my mind, is to “raise […]

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