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Emerging Technology

You have undoubtedly heard the Term, “Edge Computing”. Well, what does that mean and why should you care? Consider the amount of data being gathered by Big Box stores, by machines as they talk to one another, by traffic signals, etc. There is just a tremendous amount of data that simply does not need to […]

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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a phrase that we are hearing more and more often. This is in it’s infancy, so be prepared to hear it many more times. Many have a general grasp of what it is, but why does it matter to you, a regular person living a “normal” life? It matters because […]

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Hot Chips? No, Not Those Kind!

Connected devices, Internet of Things, The Nest, Smart Homes… You name the buzz word and we have all heard them. What does it truly mean for you, the normal, average, day to day consumer? It means a lot, a lot of data that is. Every one of the buzz words you have ever heard of […]

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‘Bout Time

The statistics on small business failure rates are staggering, and depressing. The few that make it to their ten year anniversary are a minuscule sampling of those that started the journey. I’ve read about and studied small businesses and micro enterprises for many years. Success really comes down to the ability of the founders and […]

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Where Are You the Most Productive?

By Greg Crumpton For many, if not most, of us, it’s in a comfortable space. Well-conditioned, well lit and a place you can relax and focus in. If you stop and think about it, what do you do when you want to read? What if you want to meditate, think, write, relax, etc…? You”ll usually […]

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Submerging Into The Emerging

By Greg Crumpton The adage that says, “What got us here, won’t get us there”, could never be truer than this exact moment in time. As many of you know, I grew up in the HVAC and Mechanical side of Mission Critical support. Throughout the years, evolution has been constant with the occasional pop of […]

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I Turned a Page Today

by Greg Crumpton Today was the first time in the last 16 years that on August 16th I did not own AirTight Mechanical, Inc. It was a unique feeling, to be sure. Months ago I had become accustomed to not being “The Owner”. Many people that sell their businesses seem to suffer mentally after doing […]

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Really, We Only Get One Chance

Years of work. Continually trying to exceed the expectations. Staying current so you can help people. Becoming a trusted ally. Someone others can count on. Being there. Never saying “I can’t help”. In my mind this is how an achiever lives. Indeed, it’s the way I have set my own course in life, not just […]

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The Uniqueness of a Group

Last Tuesday, I found myself in a meeting surrounded by some very smart & very successful folks. Don’t even say it… Yes, I was “the odd man out” As I sat and soaked in the many business discussions, I kept having this weird little thought in the back of my head. What brought this group […]

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Deciding to be Different

It seems as though everyone says it. We are this and we are that… In reality, we don’t do anything, what you see “we” doing is a collection of individuals who have decided to act differently. I mean different than what has become “The Norm”. Let’s face it, “The Norm” isn’t really very good is […]

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