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Hot Chips? No, Not Those Kind!

Connected devices, Internet of Things, The Nest, Smart Homes… You name the buzz word and we have all heard them. What does it truly mean for you, the normal, average, day to day consumer? It means a lot, a lot of data that is. Every one of the buzz words you have ever heard of simply create more power consumption within a traditional, core or edge data center.

OK, so what?

The “so what” is that traditionally, Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC’s) or their nice-twin, the Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) unit’s could remove the heat from the facility, via the Return Air (RA), so that the air could then cool the computers via the Supply Air (SA), all the while capturing, analyzing, sending, storing and/or routing all of the data that was mentioned above.

Ok, then just cool more of the return air, sounds pretty easy does it? Over the last 33 years or so, we have done just that. We have had to constantly modify the CRAC/CRAH unit’s, the room configurations and the installation of Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle partitions. You name the treatment, it has been and still is being adjusted to this very day, to keep up with the high capacity, high density computers that are in use now. Now, being right now and for the next few fiscal quarters anyway.

Many chip manufacturers are experimenting with more robust chips, think about the magnitude of a current processor (chip) running at 400 watts with all that heat being rejected into the ambient surroundings it is sitting in, typically a server rack. We are just about approaching the limit of how you can cool these chips with air. The testing is being done at 600 watt, 800 watt and even up to 1,200 watt chips. You see the issue here, I would assume.

Then what to do?

The technology exists to remove the heat from the chip without air. By capturing the heat from the chip’s heat exchanger, this technology can accommodate all the faster and hotter chips the future will dictate, if indeed not mandate, for all of the “Big Data” that is soon to be flowing down the wire. The ability for companies, both manufacturers, customers, owners, consumers, etc, to utilize all of the nice thing tech brings us is very dependent on what happens inside that little bit of wonder called a “Chip”.

If you are pondering how to apply this information and how it will affect or effect you as a sole human, you only have to look at that “FitBit” you are sporting on your wrist as a very simple illustration. Oh, so not an adopter of wearables yet? Then maybe ask Siri or Cortana for their opinion!

We work hard to stay current, train for, understand and be able to help solve these complex problems for your Mission Critical Facility. If you have a need, give us a call for expert support in this field.

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